Halibut Tournament – June


Seward Halibut Tournament   

Date: June 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015

Seward?  For halibut?  Absolutely!

Seward’s halibut are a local surprise for those who typically think only of our Silver Salmon runs.

Seward’s Halibut Tournament highlights this fishery, attracting early season visitors and anglers from throughout Alaska.
Because the tournament takes place early in the season, anglers will find it is easier to reserve a seat on one of the many charter vessels.  In addition, ramp space and trailer parking is plentiful for those anglers wanting to launch their own boats.
Daily tickets are $10, with a 3-day “weekender” ticket for $25.  Cash prizes awarded at the end of the tournament for the heaviest fish and the second and third place entries.  Daily prizes increase your odds of winning
Tagged Fish Prizes!!! $1,000, $500, and $250 tags, MORE Tags for 2015 – Stay tuned for important update! See rules brochure for details.

First Place: Oleg Gozobohenno from Moscow, Russia

caught a 312.2 lb Halibut on the CrackerJack Voyager

See the video here !


Second Place: Mark Callister with his 260.6 lb

Halibut caught on the One Day

259 hali

Third Place: Randy Sinipson with his 259.4 lb Halibut caught on the Grand Slam


171 sea quest photo 1
Greg Caldwell from Anchorage with his 171.6 lb Halibut
                  caught on the  Sea Quest
          134.2 lb Halibut- Patrick Hankins
        fishing on AK Fishing Adventures Tia Rose
DSC00176 DSC00189

145.2 lb Terry Gonsalves on the

Tia Rose

$500 Tagged Halibut caught by Daniel Watson on the Seafarer

2014 Daily Winners:

Date Weight Name Charter Company/Boat
Jun 1 134.2 Patrick Hankins Tim Berg’s AK Fishing Adventures Tia Rose
Jun 2 109.6  Alexandra Thompson Grand Slam
Jun 3 130.8  Adrian Villarreau CrackerJack Voyager
Jun 4 119.6  Jim Provercal Grand Slam
Jun 5 120.8  Alejandra Davila CrackerJack Voyager
Jun 6 79.4  David Parsio Orion
Jun 7 46.8  David Loy AK Northern Outfitters Sea Quest
Jun 8 114.2  Josephine Lekse CrackerJack Voyager
Jun 9 145.2  Terry Gonsalves Tim Berg’s AK Fishing Adventures Tia Rose
Jun 10 122.8  Lynn Kiser Arctic Cat
Jun 11 78.6  Alicia Dalzell CrackerJack
Jun 12 90.8  Denise Engels Glacier Fishing Noble Eagle
Jun 13 97.4  Laura Stannley Tim Berg’s AK Fishing Adventures Tia Rose
Jun 14 171.6  Greg Caldwell AK Northern Outfitters Sea Quest
Jun 15 104.2  Patrick Kelly Grand Slam
Jun 16  87.2  Ron Scaazi CrackerJack
Jun 18  48.6  Carmine Dwyer AK Northern Outfitters Sea Quest
Jun 19  126.2  Doug Gryder Interceptor
Jun 20  260.6  Mark Callister One Day
Jun 21 188.6  Dameon Schank Tim Berg’s AK Fishing Adventures Tia Rose
Jun 22 110.6  Matthew Maly Aurora
Jun 23 146.0  Thomas Brepin ProFish-n-Sea Pursuit
Jun 24 154.0  Ryszoivd Wieliki Semaka Charters Seafarer
Jun 25  91.0  Justin Roggeman ProFish-n-Sea Pursuit
Jun 26 164.8  Fred Houtman Tim Berg’s AK Fishing Adventures Tia Rose
Jun 27 259.4 Randy Sinipson Grand Slam
Jun 28
Jun 29  177.4 Michael Moriarty ProFish-n-Sea Pursuit
Jun 30  312.2 Oleg Gozobohenno CrackerJack Voyager



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