Halibut Tournament – June


Seward Halibut Tournament   

Date: June 1, 2014 – June 30, 2014

Seward?  For halibut?  Absolutely!

Seward’s halibut are a local surprise for those who typically think only of our Silver Salmon runs.

Seward’s Halibut Tournament highlights this fishery, attracting early season visitors and anglers from throughout Alaska.
Because the tournament takes place early in the season, anglers will find it is easier to reserve a seat on one of the many charter vessels.  In addition, ramp space and trailer parking is plentiful for those anglers wanting to launch their own boats.
Daily tickets are $10, with a 3-day “weekender” ticket for $25.  Cash prizes awarded at the end of the tournament for the heaviest fish and the second and third place entries.  Daily prizes increase your odds of winning
Tagged Fish Prizes!!! $1,000, $500, and $250 tags, see rules brochure for details.

2013 Leader Board:

1ST PLACE: 211.0 David Law, Maryville, TN   CrackerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack Voyager
2ND PLACE: 204.2 James Boyer, Reno, NV   Tia Rose
3RD PLACE: 176.8 Krystyna Markiewicz   Alaska Northern Outfitters, SeaQuest

2013 Daily Winners:

Date Weight Name Charter Company/Boat
Jun 1 139.0 Samuel Starwbridge Aurora Charters, C-Hawk
Jun 2 95.6 Tandi Fox CrakerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack
Jun 3 29.6 Shirley Sands CrackerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack Voyager
Jun 4 80.6 Rick Bitz Aurora Charters, Aurora
Jun 5 125.6 Eric Bruins CrakerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack
Jun 6 102.6 Scott Bartley Seward Military Resort, C-Veiwer
Jun 7 131.6 Kevin Doyle ProFish-N-Sea
Jun 8 116.6 Jody Young Saltwater Safari, Legacy
Jun 9 95.6 Brad Krueger Big Easy (private boat)
Jun 10 95.0 Steven Botcher CrackerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack Voyager
Jun 11 112.4 Edward Waeter CrackerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack Voyager
Jun 12 82.8 Teresa Walle Grand Slam w/ Capt. Ryan
Jun 13 88.2 Ron Scalzi CrakerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack
Jun 14 98.6 Clint Merrick ProFish-N-Sea Charters, Interceptor
Jun 15 98.8 Curt Abbas Semaka Charters, Seafarer
Jun 16 129.4 Derren Cheongstatmoy Pacific Fishing, Inc., Carolyn
Jun 17 123.4 James Duncan Semaka Charters, Seafarer
Jun 18 108.0 Janet Levere CrakerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack
Jun 19 88.0 Claude Higbee Ak Coastal Ventures, Huntress
Jun 20 166.8 Kristine Jordahl Cisco Kid
Jun 21 126.2 Sheena Draine Alaska Northern Outfitters, Sea Quest
Jun 22 140.2 Pete Imhof Alaska Glacier Fishing, Noble Eagle
Jun 23 79.6 Roger Campbel ProFish-N-Sea, Pro-Fish
Jun 24 134.0   Ken Ciske Semaka Charters, Sea Farer
Jun 25 46.2 Paul Adrock Interceptor
Jun 26 129.2 Conner Barrett CrackerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack Voyager
Jun 27 204.2 James Boyer Tia Rose
Jun 28 140.2 Byron DeMola ProFish-N-Sea Charters, Pursuit
Jun 29 211.0  David Law CracjerJack Sport Fishing, CrackerJack Voyager
Jun 30 156.6 Marvin Gilbert Semaka Charters, Sea Farer


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2012 Top 3:

1ST PLACE: 196.6 Mike Smiley, Baldinsville, NY ProFish-N-Sea: ProFish
2ND PLACE: 194.8 Chris Bautsch, Seward, AK Got Fish
3RD PLACE: 187.0 Samuel Sommerschield, Winchester, TN ProFish-N-Sea Pursuit


Thanks to or Sponsors:

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